Creating a great civic space to honor Adah Bakalinsky, author of the Stairway Walks in San Francisco, and build a wildlife habitat sanctuary connecting Buena Vista Park to the neighborhood. 

Adah Bakalinsky, in her 90s and walking everywhere, activates the new Adah’s Stairway program and volunteers alongside us every month. Bonnie Fisher and Boris Dramov, Isabel Wade, Thaai Walker, Rosemary Southwood, Lois Kelly, John MacDougall, and many others volunteer their unique skills to honor Adah Bakalinsky author of ‘Stairway Walks of San Francisco’ and create habitat for songbirds, pollinating insects, and a refuge for local wildlife in this new NitC program.

Adah’s Stairway forms a segment of Waller Street between Broderick Street and Buena Vista Avenue East. This public stairway and garden will be densely planted, especially at the perimeters, to provide the greatest value to local wildlife (birds, butterflies, pollinating insects, and small mammals) as well as the most attractive aesthetic and low-maintenance plant palette that can be designed. Adah’s Stairway can also be considered part of the Green Connections Plan – which was released by the San Francisco Planning Department in 2013 – and includes a 20-year vision to create safe passageways between parks and open spaces for pedestrians, bicyclists, and wildlife. Nature in the City was instrumental in the completion of this plan.

Plans for improving the space are also focused on transforming its appearance, quality, functionality, and sustainability; in effect, we are creating a more attractive and amenable place to walk.