Preserving open space in San Francisco for many future generations to enjoy. 

Natural open spaces in cities provide essential ecosystem services and improve quality of life. However, nature is often fragmented by urban development, and it is difficult to reclaim these lands once they are lost. Due to development pressure in San Francisco, bioregions often become an afterthought. With the help of our volunteers on the ground and local residents, we can engage in a deeper conversation about open space by participating in government decisions and speaking up at meetings that impact open space. Through our stewardship projects, we have restored habitat corridors and further advanced natural connectivity between our wild lands and watersheds. Now more than ever, we need to communicate about the importance of healthy ecosystems and their contribution to a resilient city. 

Petition to Save Palou Phelps Open Space:

Our goal is to gather at least 500 San Francisco resident signatures, and we have 200 so far, to present to local decision-makers in order to stop development of Palou Phelps Open Space. By signing this petition and spreading the word, you agree that this space is too important to be lost forever to development.

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We, the San Francisco residents who enjoy Palou Phelps Open Space request: 

  1. San Francisco Planning Department reject the proposed development of two single-family homes at 1913-1915 Quesada Avenue. If these homes are built, Palou Phelps Open Space will be severely compromised, and access will be reduced for local residents
  2. San Francisco Department of Public Works reject the proposed development of the 'paper street' extended from Quesada Avenue into Palou Phelps Open Space to build road access for the above proposed development, which will encroach onto existing public land and destroy one of the few remaining San Francisco wild prairie ecosystems
  3. San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department purchase the remaining eight private lots that make up Palou Phelps Open Space to preserve it as public park land to provide enjoyment and education for local families and community scientists

Please contact Zahra Kelly, Director of Public Advocacy at Nature in the City, for more information and how to help: