Providing safe haven for our wild San Francisco cohorts and growing food plants for pollinators, butterflies, birds, and insects.

There are many ways that you can support wildlife at home. 

  • Join our Backyard Natives Nursery as a volunteer, and learn how to harvest native seeds and cuttings and propagate thousands of plants for local habitat projects. Please email

  • Our San Francisco upland dune native plants (grown from locally harvested seeds and cuttings) are for sale at $10 for 1-gallon, with a $100 minimum order. Please email

  • Help preserve the amphibian population by building a backyard Sierran Tree Frog pond in your backyard. 

  • Build your own mini bird sanctuary with a fountain surrounded by berry-rich, blossoming shrubs.

  • Encourage pollinators to stay local by planting wild flowering plants and leaving patches of loose, bare soil to feed and house new generations.