San Francisco, California

Backyard Nursery Network

Our Backyard Nursery Network is made up of local residents growing native plants in backyards all over San Francisco. You can participate, too! You can help grow plants in your backyard that will provide a haven for pollinators, butterflies, birds, and insects. When your plants are strong enough, we transplant them to ecological restoration sites throughout San Francisco!


Project Details


What is the Backyard Nursery Network?

Both experienced and neophyte gardeners taking seeds and planting, watering, and nurturing them until they reach a certain maturity. At that time, you can join one of our planting workdays and help site them at Adah’s Stairway, the Green Hairstreak Corridor, Palou Phelps or another habitat haven. Or, we’ll pick them up from you and do the rest. Learn how to harvest native seeds and cuttings and propagate thousands of plants for local habitat projects.


Where can the Backyard Nursery Network be located?

Wherever City residents have a backyard! Our current gardeners live in the Inner Sunset, Buena Vista, and the Richmond districts.


Why is the Backyard Nursery Network important?

Native plants such as coast buckwheat, seaside daisy and deerweed provide fast-disappearing habitat for our local species. Growing these plants from native seed ensures survival of both the endangered plants and our local butterflies, bees, birds, and other wildlife.


How can I take part?

There are many ways that you can support wildlife at home. Join our Backyard Nursery Network as a volunteer. Learn how to harvest native seeds and cuttings to propagate thousands of plants for local habitat projects.

Other ways to help:

  • Preserve the amphibian population by building a backyard Sierran Tree Frog pond in your backyard.
  • Build your own mini-bird-sanctuary with a fountain surrounded by berry-rich, blossoming shrubs.
  • Encourage pollinators to stay local by planting wild flowering plants and leaving patches of loose, bare soil to feed and house new generations.

Please reach us at with the subject line "Backyard Nursery Network" if you are interested in growing plants in your backyard for our ecological restoration projects. 

Nature in the City Map Snapshot

Any backyard can be part of our backyard nursery network.