Improving locomotion for pedestrians, bicyclists, and wildlife along San Francisco's residential streets.

In 2011, Nature in the City began a partnership with the SF Planning Department on the Green Connections Plan. This plan involved a two-year planning process working to connect parks, community hubs, and open spaces to each other via a selection of 24 routes, each named for a San Francisco native species and its habitat that can be found along the route itself. The routes are designed to make it easy for pedestrians, bicyclists, and wildlife to access parks and open spaces throughout the city, as well as to increase awareness about the presence of wildlife along our city streets. One of the routes is named after the Green Hairstreak Butterfly, Nature in the City’s flagship project, which demonstrates how we hope the plan might be implemented over the next twenty years. Work in the Green Hairstreak Corridor aims to increase habitat for the Green Hairstreak Butterfly that can be found along this route, and we are hopeful that each Green Connections route will be assessed for habitat restoration needs as well as ease of movement along the route for people and wildlife alike as the plan is implemented over the next two decades.  

One of the products that came out of the Green Connections Plan is a San Francisco Plantfinder Database, which can be used to find local and native plants that provide habitat for the wildlife living alongside us.

The plan was completed and adopted into the city’s general plan in 2013.