How to Participate

Nature in the City relies on dedicated volunteers, educators, and advocates to keep our habitats healthy. 

Here are some ways you can join our community-driven movement and help restore nature in San Francisco.


We Welcome Your Participation


What interests you most? We offer many ways to volunteer: community habitat restoration workdays, grow plants, store tools, recruit volunteers, marketing, office work, and landscape design. We have a task for every talent. Join our meetup group to learn about our events, and contact to volunteer. 




What fits you best? One-time gifts and ongoing monthly donations to Nature in the City support healthy neighborhoods, restored ecosystems, and biological diversity. Contributions also support citywide open space advocacy—vital to the plants and animals that also call San Francisco home. 




Who's speaking for the ecosystem? Join a neighborhood group, and attend public hearings at City Hall. Lend your voice to open space, plants, and animals—in our growing city, healthy habitats are more important than ever before. Advocates also promote our work on social and print media to help make it more visible.