San Francisco, California

Local Nature Walks

You’re invited! Explore San Francisco nature on our free guided walks. Fresh air, spectacular views, wildflowers, butterfly sightings, and good company are all yours on these fun and educational tours.

Our next walk will be on Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at Ocean Beach.

We’re meeting at three different locations along Ocean Beach, at three different times. Please RSVP and follow the directions on the Eventbrite to participate.

What kind of biodiversity exists along Ocean Beach in San Francisco? Find out with us. As we walk along Ocean Beach, we’re going to observe and collect data about the wildlife we find along San Francisco’s western edge. We’ve rallied experts who will share their knowledge of the area with us! During this trip, we encourage you to bring your smartphone (yes, really! 🤳🐦🦀) with the iNaturalist app downloaded or a digital camera to document our findings. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Together, we’ll explore nature in the city.

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Project Details

What are Nature in the City's Local Nature Walks? 

Come along with us and meet other nature lovers and naturalists discovering the secrets of San Francisco's natural heritage. We explore beautiful areas where conservationists have worked tirelessly—and successfully—to protect biological diversity and ecosystems.


Where are the Local Nature Walks held?

From Yerba Buena Island to San Bruno Mountain, our walks in 2018 will take us to places where you can find many of the wildlife species represented on the new Nature in the City map.


Why are Local Nature Walks important?

The mission of Nature in the City is to "Inspire San Francisco to discover local nature". Our walks connect people to the beauty and profound benefits bestowed by nature—including the benefits to our human health and well-being. Feeling stress from your busy life? Talk a nature walk with us!


What is the goal of having Local Nature Walks?

To introduce everyone to places of beauty and to encourage awareness of the importance of biodiversity. It’s up to all of us to protect and conserve our home—the home we share with native wildflowers, plants, trees, butterflies, birds, bees, and the myriad other creatures that depend on these habitats.


How can I take part?

Come along on one or all of our nature explorations! Sign up to receive our newsletter (on the bottom of our page) or join our Facebook page for all the details. RSVPs are kindly requested in the event of last-minute changes or cancellations.

If you are interested in leading a Local Nature Walk in San Francisco, please contact


Nature in the City Map Snapshot

Our walks take place throughout San Francisco because we want to show that even in our dense city, you can find rich biodiversity if you know where to look.