Our mission is to inspire San Francisco to discover local nature

Nature in the City 2017 Annual Impact Snapshot


Nature in the City is San Francisco's first organization wholly dedicated to ecological conservation, restoration, and stewardship of the city's bioregions. Our membership reflects San Francisco's reputation as a leading center for safeguarding urban species and restoring their habitats.

Peter Brastow founded Nature in the City in 2005 as a conservation effort to protect and restore San Francisco's remnant natural habitats. The organization has been a key advocate for the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department Natural Areas Program, which is devoted to preserving the City's riparian corridors, bay edge wetlands, oak woodlands, rocky outcrops, grassland hilltops, and dune ecosystems.

Nature in the City connects with the city at large through presenting nature walks, events for children and families, eco-literacy trainings, volunteer opportunities, and resources for community groups wishing to start their own citizen science projects.

We also have major ongoing stewardship projects, including: the Green Hairstreak Corridor, Backyard Habitats & Native Plant Nursery, Tigers on Market Street, and Adah’s Stairway. Nature in the City also partners with various organizations including the San Francisco Planning Department, Walk San Francisco, San Francisco Parks Alliance, and others on the Green Connections Plan. 

Our highly collaborative strategies and program areas are public environmental education, community stewardship, and ecological restoration.

We also offer habitat and native plant consultation for public and private spaces. Please email info@natureinthecity.org to learn more. 

Thank you so much for your support!


Amber Hasselbring, Executive Director, Nature in the City



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History & our founder

Peter Brastow

Founder Peter Brastow started Nature in the City in 2005 to build, strengthen and unify the movement to conserve San Francisco's natural areas and biodiversity.  Nature in the City has sought to catalyze ecological restoration and stewardship in San Francisco by connecting urban people and nature where we live. Peter entered the fray of the city's environmental activist community with a unique set of skills and experience, as an urban natural resource manager and community stewardship coordinator, from his former position as the Presidio's National Park Service Ecological Restoration Specialist.