Inner Sunset, San Francisco, California

Green Hairstreak Corridor

Green Hairstreak butterflies are our jewels of the Inner Sunset. See how local neighbors are helping save the iridescent Green Hairstreak butterfly from local extinction by working on ecological restoration of 11 sites to create a Green Hairstreak Corridor.

Curious? Download the iNaturalist app! Help our citizen science efforts by discovering new species and adding your own observations to the Green Hairstreak Corridor project.


Project Details


What is the Green Hairstreak Corridor?

The Green Hairstreak Corridor is a true urban wildlife corridor of 11 restored public lands habitat sites for the Green Hairstreak butterfly. Without our efforts to restore these “stepping stone” habitats between larger wild lands and urban spaces, this beautiful butterfly would have become locally extinct (extirpated) in San Francisco. Our work is increasing the populations and strengthening genetic diversity.


Where is the Green Hairstreak Corridor?

The Corridor runs (or flys!) from Hawk Hill, on the corner of 14th and Rivera, to a small triangular median on the corner of Aloha and Lomita, Inner Sunset Neighborhood.

Here is an illustration of the sites as depicted on our brochure (download for free on this page or for sale on our shop!)


Why is the Green Hairstreak Corridor important?

Butterflies (and moths to a lesser extent) are an important group of ‘model’ organisms used, for centuries, to investigate many areas of biological research, including such diverse fields as navigation, pest control, embryology, mimicry, evolution, genetics, population dynamics and biodiversity conservation.

The long history and popularity of butterfly study have provided a unique data resource on an insect group unmatched in geographical scale and timescale anywhere in the world. This continues to be vital for scientific research on climate change. Butterflies and moths are indicators of a healthy environment and healthy ecosystems. Areas rich in butterflies and moths are rich in other invertebrates—they are biodiverse.

These collectively provide a wide range of environmental benefits, including pollination and natural pest control. Biodiversity is crucial because humans depend on functions performed by the world’s ecosystems. Ecosystems produce oxygen, purify and detoxify the air and water, store and cycle fresh water, regulate the climate, form topsoil, prevent erosion and flood damage, and produce raw materials, foods and medicines.


How can I take part?

Connecting communities to local nature is what makes this project so successful. Help continue that success? Join our monthly workdays. Do it one time or become a regular-no pressure! Enjoy meeting other neighbors while weeding, planting or even species monitoring. A perfect way to soak up glorious Spring-time days.



Green Hairstreak Corridor Brochure [pdf]

Nature in the City Map Snapshot

Green Hairstreak Butterfly at our Green Hairstreak Corridor



14th Ave & Rivera Street
San Francisco, CA 94116