Nature in the City is San Francisco's first organization wholly dedicated to eco-literacy, conservation, restoration, and stewardship of San Francisco's wild places

Nature in the City Map

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Third Edition, 2018

Nature in the City Map


Unfolding our Nature in the City map beside California poppies / Instagram by @InkDwell

Where is nature in San Francisco? Find it with our new map! 

Folded Map (8" x 6") - $9.50
Poster Map (24" x 36") - $15

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"Nature in the City’s new map takes residents beneath the surface and helps them see the ways in which the city and our lives here have been shaped by the natural world that persists all around us today."

David Loeb
Founder, Bay Nature Magazine



Double Sided Map

With layers and layers of information about the biodiversity shaping San Francisco, our map invites youth and adults to be curious about the outdoors.



Four distinct panels tell San Francisco's story through the lens of geology, habitat restoration, history, and interconnections.



Right here in San Francisco, there is an abundance of nature and unique ecosystems.

Highlighting trails, natural areas, and local species of the San Francisco Peninsula, the map is both artistic and scientific.

One side of the map shows the whole city, and the flip side hones in on local, regional, continental, and global details across space and time.

Learn the stories of earth-shaking forces, charismatic species, and changing urban habitats.

In our rapidly-developing city, the need for human and nature connection has never been more acute—now you can easily make that connection.

Explore the map here, and take it with you on your next walk.



Each illustration is drawn with scientific precision and placed next to where you might find the depicted species in San Francisco.


San Francisco's historic boundaries and underwater topography are intricately detailed.


Making the Map with Our Community

We reached out to our community to learn about how to make the map useful. The feedback we received was instrumental in the development of the Nature in the City Map.


The Nature in the City Map is the final product of a three-year long, multi-agency collaboration.

On the map we're delighted to feature original artwork by Jane Kim, writing by Mary Ellen Hannibal, and design by Leah Elamin.


Map Partners


Creative Team
Leah Elamin, Graphic Designer

Mary Ellen Hannibal, Writer

Exploratorium, Susan Schwarzenberg, Content Advisor

Ink Dwell Studio, Jane Kim, Artist

Lichen Projects, Lindsay Irving, Project Manager & Cartography

SF Department of Planning, Michael Webster, GIS & Cartography


Map Team
California Academy of Sciences, Rebecca Johnson, Alison Young

Nature in the City, Amber Hasselbring, Bette McDonnell, Bill Brick, Ariel Wang

Presidio Trust, Damien Raffa

SF Department of the Environment, Peter Brastow, Luke Walcher

SF Public Library, Kelley Trahan

SF Recreation and Parks, Dylan Molnar


Andrew C. Lawson. 1908. Geological Map of San Francisco, David Ramsey Historical Map Collection.

All city and street related data, SF Planning Department.

Current open water, reservoirs, and historic wetlands and waterways, SF Department of Public Works, SFEI, Seep City Water History Map, Joel Pomerantz. Published by Thinkwalks, 2017.

Natural Areas, Parks and Open Spaces, SF Department of the Environment and SF Recreation and Parks Department.

Connecting the City terrain map, Stamen Design.

Nature in the City Map branding and product marketing, Nature in the City, Ariel Wang.


Thank you
This map was made possible by a generous grant from EJF Philanthropies. Additional thanks go to the many individuals and organizations that provided guidance and resources to help make the map, including AMP Printing, Bay Nature Magazine, GreenInfo Network, Institute for Creative Integration, SmallWorks Framing, and Stamen Design



Photo by Ariel Wang

At the SF Public Library, Graphic Designer Leah Elamin, Ink Dwell Artist Jane Kim, Nature in the City Executive Director Amber Hasselbring, and Cal Academy Citizen Science Manager Alison Young share ideas about improving the 2007 edition of the map.


Writer Mary Ellen Hannibal workshopping with participants at a map prototyping event.


Photo by Damien Raffa

Lichen Projects Cartographer & Project Manager Lindsay Irving talks with Nature in the City staff members Ariel Wang and Amber Hasselbring as the map collaboration at the Bay Observatory is in the home stretch.


Third Edition

The 2018 third edition includes four descriptive urban ecosystem vignettes illustrating the interplay of urban nature.



In 2005, our first edition of 10,000 copies gave rise to loud demand for more.

In 2007, we distributed 50,000 copies of a second edition to schools, hikers, naturalists, government agencies, museums, and more.

This year in 2018, 50,000 copies of the third edition are being distributed for free to schools and partners with plenty available for sale too. All sales proceeds will support NTC's mission. It's our hope that wide distribution will inspire everyone to explore and care for local nature. 

Now, pore over your map, go outside, and enjoy!


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